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In every deck, the Fool is in a precarious position. Think of all of the idioms we have for taking chances. “Going out on a limb.” “Winging it.” “Break a leg.” These all sound really painful, but what they’re about is deciding thatbeing still is not for you. When you see this in a reading, you'll know it's time to jump.
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Darcy Beckett
Dim 13 Jan - 18:52
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le mirage.

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natalia dyer.

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25 ans tout juste - trop d'années à venir, trop d'avenir à gravir.

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amour doucereux, sept années qui se succèdent - qui n'auront jamais le goût d'une chimère.

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gérante de la librairie "l'illiade" projet de longue haleine ayant vu le jour il y a tout juste un an.

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You got
two black eyes from loving too hard
and a black car that matches your blackest soul