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In every deck, the Fool is in a precarious position. Think of all of the idioms we have for taking chances. “Going out on a limb.” “Winging it.” “Break a leg.” These all sound really painful, but what they’re about is deciding thatbeing still is not for you. When you see this in a reading, you'll know it's time to jump.
Elizabeth Devlin
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Elizabeth Devlin
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RIDDERMARK (florence)

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delreys & sign by anesidora

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emily hampshire

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31 ans d'apparence, oscille entre 7 et 23 ans dans sa tête.

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célibataire amoureuse, gamine qui découvre ses sentiments.

purpose :
ALVIRA DELACROIX + diseuse de bonnes aventures, chanteuse, dessinatrice, folle à temps plein.

gemstone :
sa pierre de lune lui offre des visions chaotiques, un aperçu indéchiffrable de l'avenir.

liability :
elle a adopté le nom d'alvira delacroix pour se fondre dans la masse, que son père ne la retrouve pas.

loyalty :
elle ne sait rien sur personne. promis. elle ne sera loyale qu'envers ceux qu'elle aime, ceux qui lui rendent un peu d'amour.

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There once was a serpent who only traveled in one direction. Always forward, never backward. Until one day, the serpent came upon a Demon. The Demon cursed the serpent, driving him insane, causing him to eat his own tail. The serpent was blind. But a few, those who were seers, knew the serpent's true path, so they created a weapon. A weapon to destroy the Demon. They hid the weapon in the snake's den, where he waited for his madness to end. But it never did. For the seers discovered that the only one who could wield the weapon was the Demon itself. And so the serpent was doomed to circle in madness... forever.

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Bloc notes :
Elle apparaît sous l'identité d'Alvira Delacroix afin que son père ne la retrouve pas.

You got
two black eyes from loving too hard
and a black car that matches your blackest soul